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Vachel Lindsay’s creepier poems
“Lindsay has a reputation for writing big poems full of drama,” said Lisa Higgs of the Vachel Lindsay Association. She wanted a mix of poems that were full of danger and whimsy. Higgs chose the poems for this collection and said Lindsay lovers will be surprised.
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Reflections of a motherless mother
Her death from ovarian cancer neatly marked the dividing line between my youth and adulthood. At 26, married, with a house and job, I was nominally an adult already, but in reality I was still drifting rather mindlessly through something of a prolonged adolescence at that point.
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Solve your kids’ foot problems
Although there are thousands of episodes and characters, I am sure everyone has their favorites. I am partial to episodes that deal with Elmo’s World on the Feet Channel, “the channel that keeps you on your toes.
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The acid test
Where teeth are concerned, it’s all about acid. Even the sugar is about acid. Sugar harms teeth because bacteria in the mouth gobble sugar, especially highly concentrated sugars. Their waste products after consuming those sugars is acidic. It’s that acid that corrodes teeth.
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Stars bring families together
When Anne Gregurich of Springfield was 13 years old, she decided to build her own telescope after watching a Nova documentary. “I made it out of paper towel tubes and magnifying glasses,” said the now 16-year-old, a junior at Springfield High School. “I went outside and saw the moon.
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Plan now for summer camp
From art to nature, science to sports, theater to fashion, we have your family covered. More camps can be found online at
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